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One-stop digital visual solution

VISION-PLAN provide integrated services of consultation, planning, production and dissemination to provide customers with integrated digital vision solutions. VISION-PLAN is committed to building a multimedia business platform, through a sound supplier system, stable expert pool resources and excellent project management capabilities to solve the problem. We use the core team to control the project and outsource the details to the top suppliers in the industry, which reduces the project cost and shortens the project cycle, and has won the unanimous praise of customers and partners.



Make Technology the Fulcrum

VISION-PLAN always put the importance of technology in the first place, because we know that technology is the key to project-oriented enterprises. This is not enough. From the standpoint of brand, it becomes more important to provide customers with appropriate technology means, rather than simply packaging technology to customers. Technology is the fulcrum of the VISION-PLAN, the cornerstone of the success of the project, so that technology creates greater value for business.



Make Culture a Lever

As a start-up enterprise, VISION-PLAN never sticks to conventions. With the fulcrum is not enough, we regard culture as the leverage of the school of view, through constant innovation and creativity to explore customer brand value and maximize customer interests. The application of culture gives the soul to the project, so that the propaganda display is no longer dry and cold. At the same time, this sustained spirit of innovation is also the driving force for the survival of the VISION-PLAN itself, let us continue to progress and self-transcendence.




Shanghai VISION-PLAN Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in April, 2017, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and office site in Room 1608, F2, Yinghua International Plaza, No. 2899 Guangfu West, Putuo District, Shanghai, Shanghai VISION-PLAN Technology Co.,Ltd. stands as a council member of Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association and member of Shanghai Broadcasting Film&Television Producers Association (SFTPA). In possession of such three business segments as digital exhibition hall, multimedia technology and Film&TV and animation, we provide one-stop digital visual solution for customers and take the lead in industry innovations with our new ideas, new vision and new concepts!